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Analyze your website and social media footprint.

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    Score your site/social media, fix issues & gain more traffic as we show the what & why + actionable solutions!

Recent Social Website Analysis
Analyze your website and your competitors beat their score and leave your peers behind.


    The score is 63/100



    The score is 58/100



    The score is 53/100



    The score is 36/100


You own a website and to be the best you have to do it better and cover more.

Place JM WEB DEVELOPMENT in your marketing toolbox and tactically take out the competition.

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Your information presented in a simple and easy to understand way. Display any data set with charts.

Analysis that dives deeper into social media and websites.

Dashboard recommendations for guest posting, directiories and more!

Want someone else to work on your tags, html, security, images and website speed? No problem I am here for you.

We can build backlinks for you, write guest post, blog post and more..

Its time to get optimized!.

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Tons of features
JM Web Development is packed with tons of features and services.

  • Website Speed

    Sure others tell you your site is slow or fast but how about actual instructions on how to get your site speed up to par? We do.

  • Website Health

    Is your website SEO friendly, Code to Text ratio, Security, Validation, and a deeper analysis and recommendations.

  • SEO Analysis

    Backlinks, popularity, and whats impacting your organic visitation.

  • Usability

    Is your user interface easy to use? Clear call to actions? Able to use on mobile and tablets, no fear well let you know and if not we will tell you how to whats missing to correct this issues.

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  • SEO Metrics

    How many pages you/competitors have indexed in search engines that matter? Amount of backlinks? Keywords and traffic..

  • Social Footprint

    Quantity alone is boring and everyone shows you how many followers you have but what about seeing who shared that link or piece of info and where.

  • Vulnerability Scan

    Identify vulnerability like cross-site scripting, SQL injections, etc and how to fix.

  • Recommendations

    (Coming Soon) We help you find opportunities where you can guess post and share your site on other relevant sites..

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And see why people around the world are dropping their current website analysis tools for something far greater which is cross-platform usable.

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